Delivery Operations Manager

Job title: Delivery Operations Manager

Company: Careers International

Job description: Job Description :

· Responsible for the planning and preparation of the entire network’s transit site layout;

· Responsible for planning and optimizing the transit, shifts, and routing of the entire network;

· Responsible for the planning and optimization of the entire network’s trunk lines;

· Responsible for the analysis of the dynamic and static conditions of the express, and the control and analysis of the overall express delivery;

· Optimization and control of logistics operation costs, establishing and perfecting transportation capacity cost models, analysis tools and methods, and optimizing the cost structure of each link of transportation capacity operation.

· Optimize, improve and iterate in the implementation of capacity strategy, find business pain points, and propose solutions;

· Cost and efficiency analysis of capacity strategy, timely review, discover problems through data and make suggestions for improvement, ensure the reasonable allocation of resources, and improve the efficiency of resource use.

· Analyze the cost of vehicle transportation capacity, improve the transportation cost settlement process and supervision system, promote the standardized settlement operation of the entire network, and improve the timeliness of settlement and risk prevention and control capabilities.

· Responsible for inter-departmental communication among procurement, operation, and administration departments to promote project development.


  • Bachelor degree or above, logistics management, statistical analysis, computer operation related majors preferred;
  • More than 3 years of experience in a large express logistics – FOOD/PERISHABLE ITEMS
  • At least 2 large-scale distribution site construction project experience, express distribution, e-commerce distribution planning experience is preferred;
  • Familiar with the management mode of express industry outlets, transportation planning, express routing, etc., familiar with the express industry and operation process, and have the ability to integrate resources and plan and coordinate;
  • Have strong data analysis, logical judgment and communication skills, and be proficient in computer and related office software applications;
  • Have strong writing, data analysis, communication, organization and coordination skills

Expected salary:

Location: Dubai

Job date: Wed, 31 May 2023 06:28:36 GMT

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