what online job pays the most in 2023 in Pakistan

More and more options to make money online are coming up because of the development of technology. There are many genuine internet jobs that you can work from home with flexible hours, whether you’re looking for a full-time position or a way to improve your current income. Find out more here.

Social Media Manager

online high paying jobs in pakistan 2023

Social media profiles for clients are managed by social media managers. They produce content, keep a record of activity, and adjust the account’s visibility settings accordingly. To achieve their goal, a professional social media manager needs to have strong writing abilities, be creative, and keep up with the most recent platforms and trends. As a social media manager, many businesses now provide remote employment options, allowing you to work from any location with a good internet connection. Depending on qualifications and experience, pay might range from an hourly average of $15 to higher incomes.

Web Developer/Designer

web developer and designer

Due to the most of businesses developing an increasingly strong online presence, web developers and designers are in great demand. You will be required to manage website design and coding for businesses as a web developer/designer. Understanding HTML, JavaScript, and other computer languages is crucial. Depending on expertise and credentials, pay in this sector varies greatly; however, most should expect an average rate between $45 and $75 per hour.

SEO Consultant

An important element of any good digital marketing plan is an SEO team. As an SEO expert, you will review and improve websites to make sure they rank high in search engine results and attract more visitors. As an SEO consultant, you might make up to $75 to $150 per hour if you have the technical skills. Also, the majority of professions need for certificates and specialized experience, which can greatly increase your pay.

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