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Job Description

ONR has established the Center for Naval Research & Education (CNRE) at the University of Michigan (UM). CNRE will address fundamental Science and Technology challenges of the future within the context of naval applications while training a diverse and capable future workforce. The core of the CNRE is a group of highly talented, energetic, multi-disciplinary postdoctoral researchers, senior graduate students, and undergraduate research trainees who create the vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment of excellence that will define the CNRE. CNRE research is both computational and experimental; we work on exciting problems in diverse areas such as bio-fluid interactions, platform health and design, hydroacoustics, autonomous vehicles, wave energy, and fluid-material interactions.

We are seeking a talented, experienced, highly motivated, and organized individual to assist in leading and overseeing the daily activities of the Center for Naval Research & Education (CNRE). The Assistant Program Manager will report to and assist Krishnan Mahesh in all operations of project management for the Center for Naval Research and Education (CNRE). The CNRE Assistant Program Manager will support the responsibility for CNRE programming, directing daily operations and management of the program including management of staff, budget oversight, and development. This is a 5 year term limited grant-funded position that has the option of renewal in 2029.

Mission Statement
Michigan Engineers are world-class educators, researchers, students and staff who strive to build a people-first future. Michigan Engineering’s mission is to provide scientific and technological leadership to the people of the world, develop intellectually curious and socially conscious minds, create collaborative solutions to societal problems, and promote an inclusive and innovative community of service for the common good.

Our vision, mission, and values are supported by a people-first engineering framework that guides our work. As Michigan Engineers, we strive to apply excellent engineering fundamentals, integrated expertise, and equity-centered values to reimagine what engineering can be, close critical gaps, and elevate all people. Information about our vision, mission, and values can be found at: .

The University of Michigan has a storied legacy of commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Michigan Engineering models that commitment in our research, culture, and
collaborations. We seek to recruit and retain a diverse workforce as a reflection of that commitment. Learn more about DEI at Michigan Engineering: .

Who We Are
The Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, was started in 1879 with an act of Congress authorizing a Navy officer to teach “steam engineering and iron shipbuilding.” Since this modest beginning, NAME has grown into a worldwide leader in education and research, with 25 faculty and 11 staff, serving our undergraduate and graduate students along with a network of some 3,000 living alumni. Our department continues to develop engineers and technology to advance the state-of-the-art systems operating in the marine environment. The department’s students and faculty engage in a wide range of research, with specialists working in hydrodynamics; marine and offshore structures; dynamics, control, and marine system integration; robotics and autonomy; yacht design; design, production, and management; marine renewable energy; and structural and hydro-acoustics. Our Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory with its large physical modeling basin continues to serve as a vital resource for our department. NAME’s externally sponsored research expenditures have averaged around $10 million annually in the past five years.


Manages the daily operation of the Center for Naval Research and Education (CNRE) primarily in the areas of administration, human resources, and financial management.

Represents the CNRE on business affairs to the institution community.

Overseeing financial operations, encompassing budgeting and monitoring/forecasting expenditures.

Provides input into non-technical portions of grant/contract proposals and completes annual financial report.

Coordinates and participates in a variety of human resources activities for CNRE.

Manages travel arrangements for seminar speakers/guests and processes reimbursements.

Facilitates in interviewing, selecting and training/onboarding of temporary student workers, Postdoctoral Research Fellows, and Graduate Student Research Assistants; setting and adjusting their rates of pay and hours of work; and handling their complaints and grievances.

The Assistant Program Manager will also take part in maintaining website updates, event planning and organizing for all seminars, conferences, workshops, socials, and all other events held by CNRE.

Required Qualifications*

Bachelor degree in business, human resources, accounting or a related field.
Excellent interpersonal, verbal communication, written communication, and collaborative skills with a commitment to creating a positive work environment.
Experience and knowledge of HR, finance, and budget policies and procedures.
Demonstrated attention to detail and organizational skills, ability and desire to work independently, be part of a team, and show initiative.
Knowledge of UM policies and procedures or policy & procedures in a higher educational environment.

Job Description

The Section of Pediatric Surgery is looking for a Research Lab Specialist responsible for oversight of and technical contribution to vertebrate animal experiments and related scientific projects in a cancer biology research laboratory. Will function as a skilled specialist in all project(s) that involve murine models; and will contribute to molecular experiments, project coordination, grant and manuscript writing.


Perform and oversee in vivo tumorigenicity assays in murine models, subcutaneous, patient-derived xenograft models in immune deficient mice as well as genetic models in immune competent mice
Drug dosing, tumor, and toxicity monitoring in murine models
Genotyping and colony management
Small animal imaging IVIS, xRay, ultrasound
Necropsy & tissue dissection/fixation
Tissue preparation for molecular, biochemical and histologic studies
Monitor integrity of data collection and use of protocols and procedures
Write and collaborate with other researchers on manuscripts, abstracts, technical reports and other publications of research findings
Provide instruction and technical support to academic trainees in the lab
Direct day-to-day lab operations such as equipment maintenance and lab supply ordering
Coordinate the collection and analysis of data and the conduct of experimental procedures
Develop, design, and conduct more complex experiments in line with a research plan and review results periodically with faculty member or senior research staff member
Prepare, maintain and update IACUC protocols
Serve as lab liaison for IACUC- and ULAM-related inspections and regulatory reviews
Required Qualifications*
For Senior: Masters Degree and at least 5 years related experience
For Intermediate: Masters Degree and 4 years related experience
Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
Must possess excellent written and oral communication skills
Demonstrated ability to teach and/or train students, junior laboratory personnel in laboratory techniques and/or protocols
Ability to work independently and as a member of our team
Excellent attendance, ability to multi-task, prioritize, and exercise good judgment is a must

Desired Qualifications*

Doctoral degree in Caner Biology or related field.
Demonstrated excellence and proven competency in establishing and monitoring murine tumor models
Proficiency with in vivo drug dosing and toxicity studies, blood collection, euthanasia, IP injections, and other standard murine-based procedures
Experience with mammalian cell culture, standard molecular/cellular biology techniques preferred
Ability to work with CRISPR and Cre-Lox models.
Familiarity with University research administration, policies and procedures – especially those related to IACUC and ULAM
Underfill Statement
This position is posted at the Research Lab Specialist Senior classification; however, it may be underfilled at a lower classification (Research Lab Specialist Intermediate) depending on the qualifications of the candidate.

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