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Job title: Senior Business Partner

Company: Orange

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The Business Partner’s mission is to sign client contracts, typically upwards of €20m total contract value (TCV).

In collaboration with the concerned Sales Channel, this mission includes joint sales planning, CXO relationship building, selling via any type of Business Development initiative, Sales Strategy Definition, Deal Qualification, High Level Deal Supervision, Deal Shaping (including strategy with key partners), Negotiating Internally (within the France Telecom Group) and Externally (towards the client), Writing the Proposal Executive Summary and potentially contributing to other key proposal deliverables, ultimately Closing the Deal in line with the investment committee mandate, and thereafter “Handing Over” to Post-Sales internally for contract delivery.

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Build internal credibility

Secure internal credibility in the person of the Business Partner, particularly vis-à-vis the Sales channel, Product, Operations and Finance.

This “deliverable” is absolutely critical vis-à-vis the existing Account Team.

Business Development

In collaboration with the sales channel:

Joint sales planning, developing relationships with targeted clients/prospects

Support/provide (if applicable) high level sales calls and consultative selling

Develop and realize contact strategies towards client Board level management,

Prepare client Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) economics analyses

Contribute to, or actually deliver, formal Joint Opportunity Assessment (JoA) type studies with the prospect

Pre-Qualification of a deal.

Deal Shaping

As commercial deals are rarely static in terms of scope, the Business Partner is responsible for permanently shaping the scope of the deal commercially (Business Case) as part of the Sales Strategy vis-à-vis : the client, competitors, potential partners, subcontractors and internal suppliers (Sales Channel, Large Projects, Operations, Product, etc) and other internal stakeholders (Finance, Tax, Legal, Sourcing, etc)

Sales Strategy

Responsible for development of a Winning Sales Strategy in collaboration with the core bid team and all internal stake holders that seduces and convinces the client.

This deliverable includes writing a formal Sales Strategy (e.g. Target Commercial Scope, Value Proposition, Why Orange ?, Client Contact Strategy, Partnership Strategy, Competition Mitigation Strategy, High Level and Winning Price Strategy, Deal Critical Success Factors, etc.).

The Sales Strategy is a “living” deliverable and is modified/updated by the Business Partner throughout the pre-sales cycle.

The Business Partner continually sells and communicates to the client/prospect in line with the Sales Strategy and continually communicates the Sales Strategy internally to all internal stakeholders, including Senior Management in order to secure internal alignment and buy-in to the target deal.

Deal Qualification

Responsible for leading the formal qualification of the Large Projects deal. This includes managing the preparation and presentation of all formal Bid Process Qualification elements necessary in order for a good-quality Bid/No-Bid decision to be made.

The Business Partner is responsible for re-invoking the formal Bid/No-Bid process throughout the pre-sales cycle in light of any evolution which may render the original Bid/No-Bid decision incomplete.

Deal Supervision

In very close coordination with the Engagement Manager, the Business Partner manages the following throughout the deal:

Creating and reporting to an internal Executive Sponsor and/or deal Executive Management Committee

Creating and Managing a Core Bid Management Team typically including at least, the Account Manager, the Engagement Manager, the Solution Director, the Commercial Manager and the ABU/Post-Sales Representative

Jointly animating the Bid Launch meeting with the Engagement Manager.

Ensuring strategic partners are engaged and committed in accordance with the deal strategy.

Responsible for negotiation strategy with all key external partners.

In coordination with the relevant supporting functions (Legal, Sourcing, Operations, …), the Business Partner is responsible for the preparation and negotiation of all relevant deliverables to materialize the partnerships such as Scope Of Work papers, Letters of Intent, Memorandums of Understanding, Teaming Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc.

Define and realize a relationship strategy between the management of Orange Business Services and the management of all relevant and critical 3rd parties in order to secure alignment and executive engagement as necessary.

Negotiating Internally

Define and lead execution of an internal negotiation strategy with the Management of all key internal stakeholders in order to secure alignment as necessary (a) to the Sales Strategy during pre-sales, and (b) to Contract delivery during post-sales.

This includes successfully presenting the deal internally to and through all formal contract sign-off “gates” (e.g. Investment Committees) and obtaining a (“winning”) negotiation mandate from senior internal management.

Negotiating with the client

Define a Negotiation Strategy and permanently ensuring that this strategy is understood and adhered to by all pre-sales or Management personnel engaged in client negotiation-contact during the bid.

Negotiate with the client, in line with the company accorded negotiation mandate.

Re-invoke the formal contract sign-off “gates” (e.g. Investment Committees) if the Business Partner anticipates a need to request redefinition of the negotiation mandate in view of negotiations.

Writing the Executive Summary

Write the proposal Executive Summary and potentially other proposal elements requiring high level commercial contribution.

Closing the deal

Executive lobbying (throughout the deal), lobbying Partners

Sell to clients internal clients

Set-up of implementation team

Organize testimonial/contact visits to reference clients, relevant internal centers (e.g. R&D centers, Customer Service centers, etc) etc.

Secure the signature of a win-win contract.

Handing Over to Post-Sales

In addition to the inclusion of post-sales personnel within the pre-sales cycle, the Business Partner is responsible for handing over the signed contract to the nominated ABU Manager and team.

This may involve formal handover deliverables (e.g. Handover meetings) and informal support to the ABU team for potentially considerable time after contract signature.

most of the offer

knowledge and abilities

Ability to work at board level and understand strategic business issues.

Pre-sales, and ideally post-sales, knowledge of Outsourcing and/or complex Integration Projects.

IT desktop tools.

Fluent English.

Commercial Leadership – The Business Partner is a senior sales position and requires a broad scope of authority and visibility. The Business Partner must have a “good head for numbers” and financials in general (business case engineering, costing methodologies, pricing strategies, taxation principles, leasing mechanisms, risk quantification, etc) and be a natural and creative measured-risk taker.

a multinational client’s organization. Cultural and inter-cultural skills are therefore necessary.

Personal Energy – The role requires high levels of personal energy due to the need to meet demanding deadlines whilst maintaining healthy productive relationships both internally and externally. Consequently, the Business Partner is good at managing his/her stress. Working hours may be frequently very lengthy and considerable international travel may also be necessary depending on the nature of the deal in question.


Should have managed large and complex sales deals.

Between 10 and 25 years in the telecom and/or IT industry in related work experience (Management, Consulting, Account Management, Operations, Finance, etc.)


International Zone

Orange Business manages and integrates the complexity of international communications, freeing our customers to focus on the strategic initiatives that drive their business. Our extensive experience and knowledge in global communication solutions, together with our understanding of multinational business and local support in 166 countries and territories, ensure that our customers receive a consistent, global solution wherever they do business.



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Location: Dubai

Job date: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 22:47:20 GMT

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